I AM UNION! – Hannah Cooper – IBEW Electrician


I was born here in Los Angeles, but I’ve spent a large part of my life traveling. Travelling is probably my greatest passion in life. I love experiencing new cultures and the way they look at life. It broadens a person’s mind at the same time reminds you of all the things that are special about the place you call “home.” And the food! I love experiencing new cultures through their food and art.

I’ve travelled to Australia, France, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, Israel, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, England and Canada and I hope to see more! Actually, one of the greatest attractions to becoming a union electrician was the flexibility it provides between jobs. It allows me to do what I love:  Electrical work and travel. 

Most people when they meet me they’re surprised that I’m an electrician. They ask me “Do you like it?” I tell them, “I LOVE IT!” And often they reply, “I don’t even remember the last person who said, ‘I love what I do.’”

But I do. I love being an electrician. Actually my mother was the first female electrician in Los Angeles in the IBEW. My father was a producer growing up, but mother had the most consistent work and often carried the household. I use to train to be a dancer, but when I got older I looked at my options and saw that the apprenticeship program with the IBEW was the best fit for me.

I’m a junkie for knowledge. I love to learn and after two years in the apprenticeship program the big scope of electricity and how it works in our lives really makes sense. My knowledge is constantly developing. The broad scope of practical knowledge is acquired in electricity and construction has really boosted my self-confidence.

I’m proud of being a union electrician. A lot of my friends don’t have any practical knowledge and I find what I’ve learned has really grounded me. It’s been freeing. I love to work with my hands. There’s a sense of strength that comes through working hard on a project and when you’re done the lights come on and you can say, “I did that. I built this.” It feels good. The self-sufficiency is amazing.

There is an inherent sense of pride that comes from being in this trade and the skills I’ve developed just want me to take on more skills and broaden what I can do.

My name is Hannah Cooper… and I AM UNION!

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