In Jerk Move, Employer Gives Departing Worker 91,500 Grease-Covered Pennies In Owed Wages

In an apparent jerk move, an employer gave a worker 91,500 oil-covered pennies in final wages.

BBC News reports:

“An auto repair shop in Georgia has been accused of delivering a final wage package to a departing employee by dumping a pile of oil-covered pennies on his driveway – 91,500 of them.

The pennies amounted to the $915 that Andreas Flaten said he was owed by A OK Walker Autoworks.

Mr. Flaten said he faces having to wipe down each coin individually to get rid of the grease the pile was covered in . . .

The owner, Miles Walker, told a reporter from CBS46 he did not remember dumping the coins on Mr. Flaten’s drive but added: ‘He got paid – that’s all that matters.’

Mr. Flaten said he was a manager at the auto repair firm, which is based in Peachtree City, south of Atlanta, until he quit last November in a disagreement over when he could leave work to pick up his child from day care.

When his outstanding pay failed to arrive, Mr Flaten filed a claim with the US Department of Labor, which confirmed to US media it had contacted the repair shop three times over the issue.

The money did eventually materialize, as a pile of coins at the end of Mr Flaten’s drive. On top of the pile was an envelope, with an expletive written on the front, and a pay stub inside – which was filmed by his girlfriend Olivia Oxley and posted to her Instagram account . . .

Mr. Flaten said he had tried bathing the coins in a big tub of water, soap and vinegar, without success, and the only way to get the grease off was to wipe each one individually.

He added it had taken him around two hours to clean up about $5 worth.”

For the rest of the story, visit BBC News here.

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