JCPenney to Open at 2 PM, Giving Employees No Time for a Thanksgiving Dinner

There are a handful of retail chains open on Thanksgiving, like Walmart and Best Buy.

Some chains like Target only offer a six hour break between the end of the Thanksgiving Day shift and the beginning of Black Friday.

To say that these chains are putting profits over people would be an understatement.

However, these chains open late enough – 5 or 6 PM – that an employee could have a normal Thanksgiving dinner before leaving for work.

One chain, JCPenney, doesn’t offer that possibility, unless you want to turn Thanksgiving dinner into Thanksgiving breakfast.

Its 2 PM opening means that most employees would need to wrap up Thanksgiving dinner by around 1 PM to get ready for work and commute. Given that the average Thanksgiving dinner lasts a couple of hours, a JCPenney employee would have to start the Thanksgiving “dinner” around 11 AM.

JCPenney’s executive leadership should know the effects of its early opening on workers and their families. But it apparently doesn’t care. And for that reason, we are boycotting the store this holiday season.

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