Kaiser Permanente to Open Its Own Med School

By Kelly Ross

Kaiser Permanente, long a leader in integrated medicine and its use of technology to streamline medical record keeping, has announced plans to open a medical school in Southern California.

The Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine will enroll its first class in 2019 and will emphasize the education of physicians in 21st-century medicine. Unlike traditional medical schools like UCLA and USC, the Kaiser medical program will stress adopting new technologies in addition to following the latest medical evidence in patient care. The innovative move by Kaiser to start its own medical school is part of its goal of providing coordinated care, complete with collaboration and teamwork, to meet the evolving needs of patients across the nation.

“Kaiser Permanente has been a catalyst for change in care delivery, and we will be a catalyst in medical education, through the opening of the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine,” said Edward M. Ellison, MD, executive medical director of the Southern California Permanente Medical Group in a statement.

“When fully realized, the school will enhance the health care provided nationwide and beyond as the newly graduated physicians bring to bear their training and knowledge wherever they choose to practice.”

Kaiser’s decision to open a medical school was also driven by a changing American population. The HMO giant hopes to recruit more minority students and educate all doctors on how to better cater to a progressively more diverse patient populace.

“We anticipate (our doctors) going out into the communities and spending time with patients in the communities from which they come,” said Ellison. Students in the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine will be taught relevant skills in decision making, the use of technology, teamwork, the use of evidence-based medicine, tailored communication skills for different populations and more.

Kaiser Permanente is clearly committed to providing patients quality care, and is will to explore new techniques and methods to educating future physicians. Labor 411 is proud to have such an innovative and consumer oriented supporter like Kaiser Permanente.

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