LA Labor 411 Experiences Best of New York, Union Style


Here at LA Labor 411 we have always promoted a vision of American patriotism that goes hand in hand with our message of buying union made, American made. We recently had the opportunity to visit New York City, and take a patriotic – and emotional tour – of the South part of Manhattan, including the new Ground Zero memorial, an area that has come to symbolize so much tragedy, hope and the indomitable human spirit of the American people, as well as the folks at Occupy Wall Street, the pioneers of the 99 percent movement.

We started out at the 9/11 memorial on a beautiful crisp autumn day. Approaching the site, we first see Tower #4 rising high above the sidewalk

, and the Ironworkers Local 40 insignia on the open beam. Go Union! We were proud that the 9/11 memorial is an all-union built, union-quality job. There are four  gorgeous new skyscrapers underway, all at different stages of completion, along with a stunning new 9/11 museum set to open next Sept. 11. As we look over the beautiful memorial waterfalls, we reflect on a story of painful loss, transition and ultimately America’s ability to regroup and carry on undeterred. Veterans Day passed as yet another reminder that people are defending our freedoms, like the right to peaceful protest, the right to disagree and the right to an open discussion about it all.

Next, a few blocks away, we stop by Zuccotti Park for a chance to talk with Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, send greetings from Occupy LA and see democracy in action. These are our heroes, the people who began it all, who took to the street and captured our imagination about a democracy that works for all of us. Despite the recent displacement of the protesters at Zuccotti and other Occupy encampments, Labor 411 continues to cheerlead for the 99 percent. We hope that the Occupy demonstrators reorganize and carry on their message. Their stand against greed and corruption, and fight for economic equality has made waves like no one could have imagined. For that, we are inspired.

See some of our photos from our walk about NYC here.

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