Labor Unions – Burden or Blessing?


Going through your way through different labor union talks can be quite challenging and taxing. All the people seem to have this likely opinion of being extremely politicized. This article provides a non-opinionated explanation of the advantages, as well as the setbacks with working together a labor union.


Labor Union Organization


On the average, workers under labor unions earn more. As what the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics show, the average weekly wage amongst different union workers in the year 2009 amounted to $901. On the contrary, non-union workers only earn $710. There is a huge difference in the pay. Aside from the higher wages that people working in labor unions earn, they also receive even better benefit packages. As a matter of fact, if you are working as a labor union worker, your employer will most likely offer to pay for your retirement and health care packages.

Aside from a better compensation that can be expected by labor union workers, they can also expect to have more security. True, it may still be possible for an employer to decide in firing a labor union worker; however, they need to provide a valid and legitimate reason. Typically, the unions also offer compensation during times of negotiations or strike. They can also generally negotiate certain concessions when there is a situation of an impending lay off.


Labor Union Drawbacks


Working in a labor union may also present some disadvantages. Because of the expected high compensation levels, the products and the services produced by the union workers may cost more compared by the products and services being offered by the non-union workers. This signifies that by the average, most goods produced by the American economy are more expensive as compared to the ones being produced in other countries. Because of this, American companies end up outsourcing their produce with the effort to lower down cost of operations. This has resulted to removing thousands of jobs from the economy of the U.S.

In reality, whether an employee works for a labor union or not, the purpose is the same, to earn a living. These people are just regular workers like us; they might even like the same type of activities as us, such as reading reviews on online gambling games. What really matters is the job satisfaction at the end of the day.

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