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A new season brings lots of new changes, especially to your wardrobe. Breezy shorts and sandals go to the back of your closet and you bust out comfy coats and boots. And since fall means new and different outfits, it makes sense that changes would be made to your makeup as well. In this case, lipstick shades.

Different seasons bring different trends when it comes to lip colors, and fall is no different. This year, as seen on the runway, there were a ton of different trends set, making it easier for a larger range of women to pick and choose. From warmer tones to bolder hues to natural colors, there are several options for women to choose from depending on style, skin color, or what kind of statement they want to make. All the lipsticks we recommend are made by ethical companies that treat their workers well and help bolster the middle class.

Berry Mauve

Just because we’re moving into fall doesn’t mean we have to leave all the bright colors behind. Dark raspberry and mauve color lip are the perfect transition colors. They’re bold, yet they doesn’t scream “tropical weather.” Shades like mark. By Avon All Butter Now Lip Treat in Mauvelous and Razzmatazz are moisturizing and have a sheer finish, though they can be buildable depending on how deep you want the color to be.

Rosey Nude

After years of matte lipsticks being the predominant trend, lipgloss is finally making a comeback. If your makeup style leans more towards a natural look, a nude color with a pink undertone is just right. Amplify your natural lip color with L’OREAL’s Infallible 8 HR Le Gloss in the shade Blush. It will not only make your lips look a little fuller and brighter, but this gloss is long lasting and has a hydrating formula that won’t chap your lips.


Summer is to look bright. Fall, however, is to go vampy. Take a risk with a black cherry or plum hue — we promise it will look flattering on all kinds of skin tones. For a dramatic look perfect for a night out in the town, opt for Avon’s True Color Bold Lipstick in the shade Hi-Def Plum. It packs a lot of pigment and is full coverage, perfect for making the boldest of statements.

Orangey Red

A big trend this season is lip colors that have a bit of duality of hues going on, namely oranges and reds. Instead of going for something fiery red (although that works too, honestly), go for lip colors that have coral or orangey undertones like Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in the shade HD Flare. While it’s a matte lip color, it feels velvety soft on the lips and has glimmers of metallic shine.

Chocolate Brown

One big trend from 20 years ago that works perfectly today is brown lips in chocolate and mocha shades. For some skin tones, it will serve as a nude and for others it’ll be a warm pop of color. Try L’OREAL’s Colour Riche Matte Lipstick in the shade He Thinks He’s Matte-Cho or Matte-Itude depending on how deep you want your hue.

Metallic Purple

Now this one is for the daring! Wearing violet lips, let alone metallic, takes a lot of confidence. But rocking them also gives you a boost of confidence, so don’t be shy with this one. The aforementioned Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor are to die for, but for this particular look, the shade Dazzle is amazing. It’s a little more mauve-y than plum, so live a little and try something out of your comfort zone!

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