The 2015 L.A. Directory is Here: Over 8,500 Union-Made Products and Services


Labor 411, the nation’s #1 guide to union-made goods and services, has just released its 2015 print edition for Los Angeles – bigger and better than ever. Now featuring more than 8,500 listings, the shopping guide makes it easy for consumer to support good, middle class jobs every time they open their wallets.

The math is simple: Consumers spend over $3 trillion a year. That’s a lot of buying power. By spending our money at companies that value their employees, we reward these socially responsible businesses and keep our hard-earned money away from employers who don’t care about their communities.

So whether you’re looking for a hotel for out-of-town guests, a fun venue, party snacks, or deciding which new car to buy, you’ll find it in Labor 411. The book is only $7.95, which includes shipping and handling. Order yours here and stand in solidarity with L.A.’s proud union workers!!

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