Mack Trucks Cuts Medical Coverage For Striking Workers And Their Families

Workers on strike against Mack Trucks are being left out in the cold by management when it comes to health care coverage.

The Morning Call reports:

“Striking Mack Trucks workers are expressing frustration after the company cut their medical coverage, something employees say they didn’t realize had happened until they tried to pick up a prescription or visit a doctor’s office.

Matthew DeRitis is one of several United Auto Workers Local 677 members who reached out to The Morning Call to discuss the situation. DeRitis, a 5-year Mack employee, said he was disappointed the company did not notify workers of the cancellation, which is inconveniencing employees who are now dealing with higher prescription costs or the headache of moving an appointment. DeRitis mentioned he plans to cancel a doctor’s appointment scheduled for Tuesday.

‘A lot of people were calling the insurance companies to find out,’ he said. ‘We all had to find out from each other.'”

For the rest of the story, visit The Morning Call here.

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