Medieval Times Workers Vote Yes On Union In NLRB Election

Medieval Times has officially gone union.

The Huffington Post reports:

“Workers at Medieval Times have formed the dinner-theater chain’s first labor union, bringing collective bargaining to a castle in northern New Jersey.


The knights, squires, show cast and stablehands at the Lyndhurst location voted 26 to 11 in favor of joining the American Guild of Variety Artists following a ballot count Friday night, according to the union. The National Labor Relations Board, which oversaw the election, has not yet certified the results.


Workers said in a statement Friday that they were grateful for the “outpouring of support” they received from the public and the guidance they received from the union.


‘We look forward to working with management to create a fairer, safer, and more enjoyable Medieval Times,’ they said. ‘Together, we will build a workplace that allows us to thrive while doing the work we love.’


As HuffPost reported last month, Medieval Times workers in New Jersey have been organizing to improve their pay and working conditions, with a particular focus on safety. The Middle Ages-themed shows involve jousting on horseback and other dangerous stunts, all in front of an unpredictable and sometimes rowdy crowd.


Employees told HuffPost they deserve higher pay for the work they do ― stablehands and actors often start out around the state’s minimum wage of $13 per hour ― as well as more security to help control the audience. Some workers at the castle have been members of other labor unions in the entertainment industry and want to have a similar voice at Medieval Times.”

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