Meet the LA Labor 411 Team

Hello LA Labor 411 fans, We know that for the past few years, you’ve been dying to know the people behind the book. Really, who would want to spend countless hours back-checking and cross-checking the almost 3,000 entries that make up 411? Spend 6 hours a day updating search words for products and services on the online directory? Research what products are still union made (we all know that those numbers are shrinking each year thanks to outsourcing)?

Well, we would like to introduce you to the people that are taking on this challenge for the 2012 edition of the directory: Mike, Rachelle, and Shelly. For the past few months, these three have been dedicated to updating Los Angeles’ premier guide to union products and services – and they’re all UNDER 30! And maybe because they’re so young, they have the energy and patience to take on this tedious task…or maybe it’s because they can’t get jobs anywhere else. Regardless, they’re excited and bringing a new and younger face to LA Labor 411 and the Buy Union! movement. What better way to attract a younger demographic then having them help produce the book?

Check out the new “Meet the Team” section under the About us heading on the LA Labor 411 website to learn more about Mike, Rachelle, and Shelly.

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