Mercedes-Benz Engaged In Union-Busting Against Alabama Workers, UAW Alleges In NLRB Filing

Workers are speaking out against alleged anti-union relatiations against them by Mercedes-Benz. reports:

“In the midst of a campaign to organize Mercedes-Benz’s Tuscaloosa County auto plant, workers have filed charges of anti-union activity against them with the National Labor Relations Board.

The charges were not immediately viewable on the NLRB website, but according to a news release issued Tuesday, the workers claim retaliatory discipline for union activity and termination, as well as mandatory meetings where workers were made to watch videos with anti-union messages.

The United Auto Workers last month announced that more than half of the employees at Mercedes-Benz’s Vance plant have signed union authorization cards.

In a statement, Mercedes-Benz U.S. International (MBUSI) said it has ‘not interfered with or retaliated against any Team Member in their right to pursue union representation, and we do not agree that the claims have any merit.’

Lakeisha Carter, an employee at the Bibb County battery plant, said she has put in paperwork with the Family and Medical Leave Act ‘multiple times,’ only to be told the paperwork was lost.

‘I’m an outspoken union supporter and Mercedes illegally disciplined me for medical absences that were clearly covered by my FMLA requests. It’s just plain retaliation from Mercedes, but I’m not going to be intimidated,’ Carter said in a news release.

Another union supporter at the battery plant, Al Ezell, said he was given permission to have his phone on the factory floor in the event that his doctor called him about refilling his prescription. Ezell has stage 4 lung cancer, according to a news release.

Ezell said he was still disciplined for having his phone on the floor as part of the plant’s zero tolerance policy, which he said he was unaware of.”

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