24 Stores That Specialize in Selling American-Made Products

By Sahid Fawaz

One of the biggest hurdles for people who want to buy American-made products is finding stores that sell them. Below are 24 stores that will make the buying American experience seamless. These stores specialize in everything from clothing to jewelry to furniture and more. Check them out below and help support good American jobs.


1. Fortune And Glory – Made in USA Store

Website:  http://www.fortuneandgloryusa.com/

2. Strictly USA

Website: http://www.strictlyusa.com/

3. Michigander Store

Website: http://michiganderstore.com/

4. Amana Shops

Website: http://www.amanashops.com/

5. Made in Oregon

Website: http://www.madeinoregon.com/

6. Duluth Pack

Website: http://duluthpack.com/

7. Louisville Stoneware

Website: http://www.louisvillestoneware.com/

8. Glassy Baby

Website: http://www.glassybaby.com/

9. Nature Favors

Website: http://www.naturefavors.com/

10. Oh Say USA

Website: http://www.ohsayusa.com/

11. Random Acts of Art

Website: http://www.randomactsart.com/

12. Hometown USA Stores

Website: http://hometownusastores.com/

13. Savor New York

Website: http://www.savor-newyork.com/

14. Made in USA Forever

Website: http://madeinusaforever.com/

15. Script Gift Co.

Website: http://www.scriptgiftco.com/

16. Lila Mae

Website: http://www.lilamae.com/

17. Made in America Store

Website: http://www.madeinamericastore.com/

18. J Bee Designs

Website: http://www.jbeedesigns.com/store/

19. Nina’s Big Store

Website: http://www.shop.ninasbigstore.com/

20. Norton’s USA

Website: http://www.nortonsusa.com/

21. By Tha People

Website: http://www.bythapeople.com/

22. Perfect As U Are

Website: http://www.perfectasuare.com/

23. 50 Roots

Website: http://www.50roots.com/

24. Gift Corral

Website: http://www.giftcorral.com/

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