New Union-Busting Tool Tracks Anti-Union “Persuader” Consultants Across The U.S.

LaborLab, a labor rights and research reporting center, has released a groundbreaking union-busting tracker.

“Under federal law, anti-union ‘persuaders’ are required to disclose certain activities on a Form LM-20 in a timely manner to the Department of Labor,” LaborLab said in a statement. “According to a first-of-its-kind analysis conducted by LaborLab of LM-20 filings since January 1, 2021, over 82% of anti-union persuaders violate the timeliness requirement, giving them an unfair and illegal advantage over workers attempting to form unions. The longer it takes the consultant to file, the more workers remain in the dark about who is making often erroneous and misleading statements about the union.

LaborLab’s LM-20 Scorecard allows users to view the compliance scores of hundreds of prolific anti-union consultants on an individual basis. Considering less than 18% of anti-union persuaders regularly follow federal reporting guidelines, it’s little surprise the majority of these union-busters receive failing grades.”

According to LaborLab, 81.7% of LM-20s were delinquent in 2021 and 2022.

Checkout the tracker here for insight into union-buster activity.

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