NLRB Strikes Down Tesla Ban On Pro-Union Shirts Worn By Workers

The notoriously anti-union carmaker, Tesla, illegally ban pro-union shirts, according to the NLRB.

CNBC reports:

Tesla violated workers’ rights when it told employees they couldn’t wear shirts with pro-union insignia at the factory, The National Labor Relations Board ruled in a decision out Monday.

The NLRB is now mandating that Elon Musk’s electric vehicle maker ‘cease and desist from maintaining and enforcing the overly broad team-wear policy that prohibits production associates from wearing black union shirts.’

Tesla will also be required to notify current employees that its “team-wear policy” has been rescinded or revised, and provide a copy of any revised policy.

The decision contradicts a 2019 ruling over dress code policies at Walmart that allowed the retail titan to limit (but not ban) employees from wearing pro-union insignia at work.

Two members of the labor board dissented on the Tesla ruling, while three moved to overrule the prior Walmart decision.

The majority wrote, ‘when an employer interferes in any way with its employees’ right to display union insignia, the employer must prove special circumstances that justify its interference.’ Tesla did not demonstrate special circumstances that justified its policy, the NLRB decided.”

For the rest of this story, visit CNBC here.

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