Overwhelmed Nurses Speak Out Against Greedy Hospitals In Eye-Opening Video On Deadly Staffing Policies

A video opinion piece by The New York Times shows exhausted and emotional nurses speak out on being completely overwhelmed on their jobs.

And the cause for their exhaustion is not COVID. That’s just a symptom of the bigger problem. The real cause, they explain, is greedy hospital management.

Unconscionable staffing policies by hospitals are providing inadequate nurse-to-patient ratios, leading many nurses to struggle to provide the level of care needed for patients.

One nurse says in the video that six patients under the age of 50 died in just one of her 12 hour shifts.

COVID has put hospitals’ profits-over-people practices in the spotlight for all to see, making it harder for management to hide these problems from the public.

Watch the video for yourself below and share it with friends and family to help generate greater awareness of literally deadly management staffing policies. For the full opinion piece, visit The New York Times here.

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