The Autumn Cool Down It may not be truly cold yet, but the first day of fall is right around the corner and there’s no better time to start prepping for the chillier months ahead. Stock the closet and cupboards with union-made supplies that will fend off the freeze and wrap you in coziness. Click…

By Ross Lenihan

The 2015 NFL season is officially under way, with week one in the books. We’ve got a lot of season left and if you’re planning to attend select NFL games throughout the season, you may not realize that you have the opportunity to support good jobs with every dollar you spend at your stadium’s concession stands.

By Kelly Ross

When most people think about labor unions Major League Baseball is not always the first thing to come to mind. However, baseball has been successfully unionized since 1953 when the Major League Baseball Players Association was founded. As baseball season nears its end it is the perfect time for a little baseball and labor union history.

Labor 411 Publisher and Founder Cherri Senders writes in the LA Daily News about how the effort by cities to raise the minimum wage to $15 is a great start, but if we want to pull the middle class out of its slump, we can’t stop there.

As Labor Day approaches, the Fight for 15 has taken center stage in a nation where income inequality has finally become front-page news. In recent weeks the country’s largest county government (Los Angeles County) and one of the biggest public university systems in the U.S. (University of California) raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour, while on the East Coast New York moved closer to a $15-per-hour wage for fast food workers and a $15-per-hour minimum wage ballot measure cleared a key hurdle in Washington, D.C.

By Kelly Ross

The first Saturday of September may seem like any other ordinary day, but it’s not. It is International Bacon Day! A whole day created for the celebration of the wondrous treat that is bacon.