Labor 411 Founder and Publisher Cherri Senders gives some insight into the parallels between the green movement and the labor movement and how the latter should emulate the former in order to gain a foothold in the everyday lives of Americans. The article comes via the LA Daily News.

It’s a tale of two movements, embodied in the stark differences between the annual celebrations of their respective causes.

By Kelly Ross

Every year on April 20 tens of thousands of people celebrate a rather unconventional holiday. 4/20 pays homage the controversial drug cannabis, more commonly known as marijuana. It originated in Northern California (4:20 p.m. was the time a group would meet after school to smoke) and has now become generally associated with pot-related revelry. But this year, we’re putting a union twist on the day.

If you’re planning to a visit to the Los Angeles area soon, we have a great list of hotels for you. These hotels not only provide first-class accommodations but they also treat their employees well and provide them with fair wages and good benefits. Each one uses union labor and maintains a collective bargaining agreement with the employees.

By Michael Messina

This is a special time of year for those who love professional sports. Major League Baseball is just getting started and the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and NBA Playoffs are kicking off. The players and officials are members of the union family, and while you’re with your family and friends enjoying the games, you can enjoy some union-made snacks as well!

By Kelly Ross

It’s that time again. Tax Day! It’s the day that many Americans dread. On April 15 every year millions of Americans scramble to get their taxes in the mail and off to the Internal Revenue Service.

By Linda Dao

Looking for another drink recipe to cool off with? Try out this classic cocktail recipe and mix yourself a union-made AMF (we’ll let you figure out what it stands for). You may now recreate the bar experience in your own kitchen!