By Michael Messina

It’s over. It’s been over for a long time now. Even the fallout from the Wasserman Schultz emails won’t change anything. Hillary has been chosen as the Democratic candidate for president, but the Bernie bonanza lives on, and the National Nurses United union seems to be a leader in the fight, even if that fight has now taken a different shape.

By Spike Dolomite Ward

We’re on the ground at the most memorable Democratic National Conventions in history – the nomination of the first woman president of the United States – and Labor 411 is right in the middle of it!

By Michael Messina

It’s easy to see why some employees would be a fan of right-to-work laws. If you were getting a better-than-average paycheck and workplace rights and then were given the choice to pay for those benefits or not, what would you do?

By Kelly Ross

National Tequila Day is this weekend, July 24, and it wouldn’t be proper to celebrate the holiday without a nice cold drink. With the temperatures rising, this is the perfect time to pour yourself a Margarita, that classic beverage made with tequila.  This refreshing cocktail is a long-time favorite and is sure to please.

By Michael Messina

Donald Trump for the working man? He’s certainly trying to sell it that way, and more than a few people are eager to buy into his rhetoric. And now he’s banking on union members to help sway the vote in his favor, just like Ronald Reagan garnered those tallies in the ’80s.