By Michael Messina

Okay, so maybe it’s just preseason, but for me that’s plenty of reason to get back into the beer clanking, sausage grilling, greasy fingered snack fest that is the football party.

Our Super Bowl post was a fond farewell to football earlier this year, and now we welcome the pigskin back with open arms (and no fumbles, of course). We’ve done parties before here at Labor 411, so I’m not going to waste too much of your time. I’ve put together a list of links to our best union-made salty, sweet, savory and bubbly supplies for you and the guests.

Enjoy! And go (insert favorite team here)!

by Sahid Fawaz Four months ago we kicked off our first ever “Buy Union, Buy American Week” with the “Support Steelworkers Week.” Since then we have reach millions of people via social media and raised consumer awareness of all the great products that are made by awesome union members in North America. This week we…

American car manufacturing is making a huge comeback! The cars produced in the US today are safer, offer greater luxury, and are more technologically advanced than ever before. There has never been a better time to buy a union-made, American car. Here’s our list of four first-class sedans worth checking out if you are in the market for a new car.

1.    Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is not your ordinary sedan. As Edmunds states, “If Aston Martin made an affordable midsize sedan, we imagine it would look a lot like the Ford Fusion.”

By Michael Messina

Sure, actors and athletes are well-represented in the world of labor, but what about the supporting cast? From theatre performers to electricians to concession stand workers, union labor is represented in a variety of professions throughout the world of entertainment. And Los Angeles is most certainly the entertainment capital of the world.

Whether a local or on vacation in our sunny city, these are some of the most famed spots in the world, let alone L.A.

In no particular order, we give you our ten favorite labor-friendly entertainment venues in L.A.:

Universal Studios Hollywood: Love movies? This is where you want to be. Guests are immersed in the blockbusters that have rocked your socks off over the years. Get to know Shrek, King Kong, the dinos of Jurassic Park, Transformers and a lot more.

Union: Unite Here!

By Michael Messina

Here at Labor 411, we’re always looking for another reason to have a celebration. As it turns out, July is both National Hot Dog Month and National Ice Cream Month! Not to mention July 23 is National Hot Dog Day.

bowl of ice creamIn 2012, consumers spent more than $1.7 billion on hot dogs in U.S. supermarkets, with Los Angeles coming in as the number one hot-dog-consuming city in the U.S. (over 95 million consumed). So we thought we’d give you some union-made options to help you figure out what salty selection to grill up and what sweet sensation to scoop up.

By Sahid Fawaz

1. Anti-worker actions:  Hostess has made it clear that it will take and take from workers without benefit to them or the company as a whole.

As the Daily Kos notes, “unionized Hostess workers made major concessions, taking pay and benefits cuts. That money was supposed to be reinvested into the company. It wasn’t.”

But that’s not all. Hostess also diverted funds from workers’ pension funds. According to the Huffington Post, “Money taken out of workers’ paychecks, intended for their retirement funds, was used for company operations instead.”


By Sahid Fawaz

We’re suckers for stylish items here at Labor 411. And we love it even more when we know that they’re made by union members here in the United States. With that said, here are a few high quality items that we think would look good on any man.

1.    Suits by Southwick: A favorite of Stephen Colbert and Vice President Joe Biden, Southwick suits exude quality and style. Made by UNITE-HERE Local 187 members in Haverhill, Massachusetts, Southwick suits are designed to last for years in a style that is timeless.

By Michael Messina

The foundation of Labor 411 centers around a basic premise: Every worker in every walk of life should be treated fairly and given a chance at economic well-being. Our list of union-made products and services help consumers join in the cause of supporting fair and safe labor practices.

Having said that, outsourcing has always been something of a problem because labor rights in certain countries are almost non-existent, making for cheap labor (Bangladesh minimum wage stands at $37 a month) and unsafe conditions. Bangladesh and its garment industry have recently been highlighted in the news because of egregious violations that have led to unthinkable losses of life, like the Rana Plaza building collapse that killed over 1,100 people.

The world has responded!

July 4th is here and it’s hotter than ever if you’re living out west. Supplies will be needed for the festivities and Labor 411 has a multitude of fun lists to help you get going. Use the Labor 411 directory when doing all your shopping this July 4th, and if you can’t find it in…

If you love all things sweet, then you’ll love these three union-made, American-made items. Available in a wide variety of flavors, these treats are made by hardworking union members who are dedicated to quality. So go ahead and enjoy these great products and help support good middle class jobs!

Ghirardelli Chocolate

Made by the proud members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (“UFCW”), Ghirardelli is all about delivering high quality chocolate in creative, decadent flavors. Its chocolate bars are available in delicious flavors such as Mint Cookie, Orange Filled, Gourmet Milk Sea Salt, and Intense Dark Espresso. The brand’s famous chocolate squares come in flavors like Toffee Crunch, Raspberry, Pumpkin Spice Caramel, and much more.