By Michael Messina

Enjoying the afternoon sun and looking forward to the weekend ahead, my mind turned to Mojitos, and my mouth began to water. Yum, Union-Made Mojitos. With the weather warming up it seems appropriate to start the refreshing-drink season with one of Labor 411’s most popular posts.

The mojito’s origins date all the way back to the 16th century when it was first called the Draque, and was rumored to have been invented by a pirate.

Melissa Bobrowicz

Do you love Pabst Blue Ribbon beer?

I, for one, never turn down a cold PBR.  And I’m no bandwagoner.

Consider now the second (or third, or fourth) coming of Pabst into mainstream culture, spearheaded of course by uber-trendy, image conscious millennials.

Sure, Pabst is definitely seeing a revival amongst the hip, but there is something to be said about a great tasting, quality beer at an amazing value. The fact Pabst Blue Ribbon is union made and distributed by the Teamsters?   That’s just the icing on the cake – or should I say cupcake?

Baseball is Back

Is there any sound more summertime than the crack of a bat?  Maybe the sizzle of the BBQ and the pleasant pop of a beer cap. Together, they may be the perfect symphony for the dog days when the heat gets hot.

Labor 411 is currently celebrating the United Steelworkers (USW), an appropriate group to highlight when talking about baseball (don’t they all have arms like home-run batters?) and one of the strongest unions in the country, the Major League Baseball Players Association- the first professional sport players to have a union contract.

    • Support Steelworkers: April 8-14

At Labor 411, we love spreading the word about union-made and American products – and we know you love learning about all those great quality products! So we decided to extend our popular “Buy Union, Buy American” month for last December’s holiday shopping season to “Buy Union, Buy American” weeks that will incorporate union-made into our everyday shopping decisions.

1.    “Low” prices are actually high

Because Wal-Mart pays low wages to its employees, the rest of us are left to pick up the tab through government services such as welfare and Medicaid. According to a University of California at Berkley study, the average Wal-Mart employee requires over $1,900 a year in government assistance.

What is more shocking is that these employees work for the largest corporation in the world, with revenues over $400 billion a year.

Spring is in full swing and Easter is here! For those of you dying to get going on the, um, dyeing, we’ve got a few chickens on this side of organized labor that are willing to help out. See our list below for your egg supply this year and add a few more goodies to the basket.

We’ve got a union-made candy list and highlighted a few for you right here that are Easter classics.

So many of the working conditions Americans take for granted today – the weekend, overtime protection and safe workplaces – were brought to us by the union movement. Here’s our top five reasons we love labor:

1. The Eight Hour Workday

Hard to believe, but 150 years ago, at the height of the industrial revolution, workers routinely were forced to work 12-14 hours or more a day in factories and textile mills. These unconscionably long hours caused a severe disruption to families and society because workers often had little time for anything else but work. And if the workers didn’t like it, they were simply replaced.
On March 25, Passover, the holiday of freedom, begins at sundown and one of the great debates of our time will be in full swing: Whose Jewish mom makes the best matzah balls? Yours does, of course.
Whoever’s secret recipe is on the table, Labor 411 wants to make sure the ingredients are union made. Don’t forget to put out the glasses for the Manischewitz wine (yep, it’s union), and if you can’t get a hold of that coveted formula, here’s a good matzah ball recipe to try out.
Myth #1: “It’s too difficult to find products that are made in America or union-made”

Sure, finding American made and union-made products requires a little more effort than it did, say, 50 years ago when the vast majority of products were produced in the US and by union labor.  

However, what most people don’t realize is that the little bit of effort is in fact very little. Thanks to the internet, Google, and some great websites, it’s become easier than ever to find great American and union-made products.

One great example is the Labor 411 directory at It has over 4,700 American and union products and services listed in easy-to-browse categories. And it includes the name of the union, and local number when available, so that you can know who made the goods.

The website also includes excellent guides and product spotlights as well from holiday gift ideas to great recipes to specialty union food and beverage suggestions.
Another great resource to consult is the unions themselves. Below are a few examples of union pages that we love. They provide detailed information on union-made products and services so that you can make smart purchasing decisions.

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