Presidential Candidate Calls For Multi-Million Dollar Penalties For Union-Busting Employers

Democratic presidential candidate and South Bend mayor, Pete Buttigieg, wants real penalties for companies that violate workers’ collective bargaining rights.

According to his campaign website, he will push for major reforms if elected president.

His website states:

“Shockingly, U.S. employers face no monetary penalties for illegally interfering with workers seeking to organize a union. Not only that, but employers can legally flood their workers with anti-union propaganda on company time while preventing union organizers from talking to workers. To stop employers from interfering with worker choice and to guarantee free and fair union elections, Pete is proposing multimillion-dollar penalties for employer interference in union elections and workers’ rights.

Small penalties will not deter bad behavior. Pete will support empowering the courts and the National Labor Relations Board to assess civil penalties on interfering employers that scale automatically with the company’s revenue. Separately, he will also support improving non-monetary penalties such as streamlining reinstatement for workers who are fired for participating in an organizing drive or other concerted activity, as proposed in the PRO Act.”

For more on Pete Buttigieg’s pro-worker platform, visit his website here.

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