Putting My Values to the Test – Union Love on Valentine’s Day


I was drawing a blank for Valentine’s Day this year. I hunted everywhere for ideas: I checked news papers, asked friends; heck, I even searched “things to do for Valentine’s Day” on Google – and came up with zip, nada, zilch. After more than an hour of frantic searching I realized that the solution was right in front of me: the new 2011 edition of LA Labor 411.


I’d use LA Labor 411 for inspiration of where to go for a lovely romantic weekend. I was relieved to see how many options were on available in the Recreation and Entertainment section: restaurants, shows, venues! Since Monday is going to be a late night at the office, I would like to do the bulk of my Valentines activities on Sunday. The weather has been gorgeous lately (70 degrees winters in LA is all too common,) so I think a nice day trip in downtown Los Angeles is in order.


We can start the day with a nice champagne brunch at the union-staffed Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood and afterwards, spend the day at the Los Angeles Zoo. I’ve heard so much about that new elephant exhibit they just opened that I must see it for myself. Not only are there plenty of exotic creatures from around the world, we can also take a stroll in the botanical gardens (would you rather get a couple of roses or saunter through a maze of flowers blooming just in time for spring?) In the evening, it’s a toss-up between a Broadway show at the Pantages Theater or a jazz concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall – both union staffed.


I’m thinking a nice night in on Monday after a long day at work. On my way home, I can stop and pick up some union-made See’s Candies and Mondavi wine. Taste the solidarity! Oops, can’t forget the roses. I found a company called Jackson & Perkins, whose roses are picked by UFW farmers. They require about a week to order and ship, but are great for birthday’s and holidays throughout the year. Thanks LA Labor 411, you saved my Buy Union! Challenge for another week.  Not to mention keeping the spark alive in my marriage. Happy Valentine’s Day all!


Union Recreation & Entertainment options

Union Candy & Snacks

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