Republican Lawmaker Is Introducing ‘Right To Work’ Bill, Months After Voters Said No

The “right to work” issue has resurfaced in Missouri. reports:

“After a Missouri bill was defeated in a primary election last summer, one lawmaker is bringing it back.

Voters opposed “right to work,” a measure that would have banned workers from needing to join a union as a condition of employment.

State senator-elect Eric Burlison filed Senate Bill 63 which would send right to work back to lawmakers next year.

‘It’s pitted union VS. non-union or union against the people and that’s ridiculous,’ said Derick Barnes, a business agent at heavy construction laborers local 663, ‘it’s the working people, that’s who I represent.’

Barnes said 67% of Missouri voters rejected right to work so it shouldn’t even be up for discussion.

‘I think it is absolutely pathetic that it’s being brought back, even talked about again,’ said Barnes.

Eric Burlison said one of the reasons he’s re-filing this bill is this is an issue he campaigned on before he even ran for office.

‘For me, I have a duly responsibility I think to continue what I stood for all these years, and continue to fight for an issue that I think ultimately is the right moral issue,’ said Burlison.”

For the rest of the story, visit here.

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