Republicans in This State Are Trying a Dirty Tactic to Weaken ‘Right to Work’ Opposition

By Sahid Fawaz

The Missouri referendum on ‘right to work’ legislation is scheduled for November. Republicans are trying to sabotage it.

NBC affiliate KDSK reports:

“A republican bill to move the statewide vote on the new right to work law to August has some union members worried, saying it’s a political move trying to make it easier for the law to stay in place.

The state of Missouri became the 28th state with a right to work law in February when Governor Eric Greitens signed it into law. But, a petition that garnered thousands of signatures allowed for the law to go up for a vote on the November ballot.

An auto worker at General Motors in Wentzville, Kim Cook-Bell, said the law could hurt hard working families.

‘I’m worried about that,’ she said.

Cook-Bell, a member of United Auto Workers, believes right to work will result in lower wages and fewer protections.

‘It’s not going to help our families, it’s not going to help our communities and it’s not going to help the state of Missouri,’ she said.


Cook-Bell said the bill that wants voters to cast their ballots sooner rather than later is only being introduced because voter turnout is historically less in August than it is in November. And that has her worried.”

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