Residents of This City to Vote on $15 Minimum Wage for Tipped Workers

By Sahid Fawaz

Tipped workers in Washington, DC may soon have reason to celebrate.

Reuters reports:

“Washington, D.C. residents on Tuesday are voting on a proposal that would more than quadruple the minimum wage for tipped workers, including servers, bartenders and hairstylists, to $15 an hour, matching that of other workers in the U.S. capital.

The measure is the latest effort to raise pay for low-income workers across the United States through the ‘Fight for $15’ campaign, which contends that service-industry workers have been left behind economically in recent years.

Voters in the District of Columbia last year approved a measure to lift the minimum wage to $15 per hour beginning in 2020, up from $12.50 currently – higher than the current minimum wage in any U.S. state.

Last year’s measure raised tipped workers’ minimum pay to $5 from its current $3.33, though employers in the city are already legally required to pay the current $12.50 hourly wage to workers who do not receive enough in tips to reach that rate.

 ‘This is a system that basically left behind certain workers,’ said Brittany Alston, a policy analyst for the DC Fiscal Policy Institute, which backs the measure.”
For the rest of the story, visit Reuters here.

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