Labor 411 Launches 2015 San Francisco Guide of Union-Made Products and Services

Supporting the middle class just got easier with the launch of the 2015 Edition of Labor 411-San Francisco.

The struggle against income inequality and wealth disparity in the U.S. continues to gain momentum as more and more consumers realize that the recovery from the Great Recession hasn’t been realized equally by all. Labor 411, now in its seventh year, stands as the most substantial tool available for the average consumer to help build a stronger middle class by supporting the companies that support good jobs.

The Second Edition of Labor 411-San Francisco has just been released, bigger and better than ever. The print and online directory boasts more than 8,500 listings, including hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and a vast array of consumer products. These are companies that treat their workers well with fair wages, good benefits and safe working conditions.

“We want the average consumer to be able to focus his or her spending power in a way that advances and strengthens the middle class in America,” said Cherri Senders, Founder and Publisher of Labor 411. “Supporting the companies that treat their employees with dignity and respect is essential to raising the tide for all boats. These are your friends and neighbors.”

Labor 411-San Francisco is produced in conjunction with the San Francisco Labor Council. “Harnessing our consumer buying power is a powerful weapon in building a stronger America,” said Tim Paulson, Executive Director of the San Francisco Labor Council. 

You can buy your print version of the guide today here for only $3.49 including shipping.


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