San Francisco Spotlight: Tommy’s Joynt

By Shelly Lurie

San Francisco has become a city famous for fine dining and drinking. It feels as if new restaurants and bars pop up every day. With the novelty of new cool spots comes long waits (1.5 hours to sit down for dinner), pricey menus, small portions and crowds of people. Although it can be fun to treat yourself to one of these amazing meals, on the day-to-day it’s nice to go somewhere that’s no frills and affordable. Enter (union-staffed) Tommy’s Joynt.

Opened in 1947, Tommy’s Joynt is one of San Francisco’s longest standing establishments. While San Francisco continues to change year after year, Tommy’s prides itself on remaining the same it has always been: a simple neighborhood restaurant offering hot food and cold drinks at an affordable price. Their reputation has stood true for almost 70 years and that’s why you’ll always see it busy inside.  There may be a line out the door but, don’t worry, it moves fast – unlike other SF establishments, you won’t have to wait over an hour to get some good food.

At Tommy’s, you can get a full meal for under $11. When I say full meal, I mean a healthy portion of meat, mashed potatoes, a side, and a sourdough roll. And if you’re over 21, you can get an extremely reasonably priced drink from their extensive bar to wash it all down. Part of the fun of Tommy’s Joynt is the décor – a collection of signage and decorations line the walls and ceilings giving it a truly unique, funky feel.

This hofbrau-style eatery is truly a hidden gem of San Francisco. There’s a reason Tommy’s Joynt has been around forever – it’s a great place to eat with great prices. Next time you’re in San Francisco (or if you’re a local), support good jobs here in the U.S. and get to Tommy’s Joynt!

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