School District Chief Gives Away His $10k Bonus To Bus Drivers, Bus Aides, And Food Service Workers

School workers got a welcome surprise when the district head announced that he is giving away his bonus to them.

CBS affiliate WKBN reports:

“Youngstown [Ohio] City Schools CEO Justin Jennings announced he is gifting his $10,000 bonus from the Academic Distress Commission to workers in the district.

He, along with his family, decided to share his bonus with the bus drivers, bus aid[e]s and the food service workers in the district.

With taxes the bonus came out to be $8,300; however, Jennings took the full $10,000 out of his personal bank account.

Each bus driver and aide will be given $100 in cash.

The leftover funds will be put on gift cards for food service workers.

‘I got my bonus for performance, which I appreciate and I appreciate the ADC for recognizing what we do, but we wanted to make sure that we shared it with people who have really been on the frontlines,’ Jennings said.

Jennings said many of the bus drivers and aids have worked on days when other workers had the day off.”

For the rest of the story, visit WKBN here.

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