Workers At Sega Become Second Video Game Union To Get A Contract

The video game worker labor movement is gaining steam.

Game Developer reports:

Unionized workers at Sega of America have secured a major victory after voting to ratify a first collectively-bargained contract.

The news was described as a “watershed moment” for AEGIS-CWA union members, who will now benefit from an improved contract that contains better protections for organizing workers and guarantees basebuilding raises for every employee in the unit.

“Some workers received regular raises, but some did not–this was often based on title or department. Also raises were wildly different person-to-person,” explained a CWA spokesperson. “These base building raises ensure that everyone gets a raise and Sega can always grant additional raises based on merit.”

The ratified contract also includes layoffs protections (including the recall rights for temporary layoffs and severance for permanent layoffs); a commitment to properly crediting all workers on relevant projects (including early QA testers); and a codified commitment to continuing hybrid work initiatives for at least six months. It was noted that Sega doesn’t currently intend to change its hybrid work policy, but now AEGIS-CWA has that commitment in writing.”

For the rest of the story, visit Game Developer here.

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