Senator To Introduce Legislation Mandating Employers Retrain And Pay Workers Who Lose Jobs To Automation

An Ohio senator will propose legislation to help workers whose jobs are eliminated by automation.

The Associated Press reports:

“Democrat Sherrod Brown is pushing his party’s 2020 hopefuls to talk more about “pro-worker” issues, saying it’s a sure way to beat President Donald Trump next year.

The U.S. senator from Ohio, who earlier this year decided against a White House run, is trying to kickstart the conversation with a proposal that would force companies to help workers whose jobs are replaced by automation.

The legislation, which Brown plans to introduce this week, calls for employers to retrain workers and pay them severance when their jobs are eliminated by new technology . . .

Brown said he still isn’t hearing Democrats talk enough about policies that would benefit workers. But he said he’s certain they can win if they draw a contrast with Trump on that front.

‘The Democrats will undoubtedly win this election against Trump if they talk more about the dignity of work, honoring and respecting work and issues like this,’ he said.

The legislation Brown is proposing would force businesses with more than 25 workers to pay employees a six-month severance and give them a nine-month notice when their jobs are being eliminated by technology.

There also would be a requirement to retrain employees whose jobs are eliminated.”

For the rest of the story, visit the Associated Press.

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