Shareholder Livid At Starbucks’ Estimated Union-Busting Spend Of $240 Million

Starbucks’ spending on union-busting is under scrutiny by shareholders.

Reuters reports:

“A labor union-backing shareholder wrote a letter to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday, saying that Starbucks has failed to disclose costs arising from anti-union campaigns, which was estimated at about $240 million.

The Strategic Organizing Center (SOC), a coalition of North American labor unions, said the company ‘needs to immediately provide full disclosure of the total costs and liabilities … for… informed voting decisions before the 2024 annual meeting.’

Unionization efforts at the world’s largest coffeehouse chain have intensified since late 2021.

More recently, workers walked out during a promotional event in November in a strike organized by the Workers United union demanding, improved staffing and schedules.

‘Counter to claims made by the Strategic Organizing Center, Starbucks does not spend money on ‘anti-union activities’ and continues to comply with all current SEC and OLMS (Office of Labor-Management Standards) reporting requirements,’ a Starbucks spokesperson told Reuters in an emailed statement.”

For the full story, visit Reuters here.

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