Spreading Money Around

Are businesses inherently against wage increases? And should they be? Labor 411 founder Cherri Senders writes in the Los Angeles Business Journal about a possible shift in the narrative and why many businesses and consumers are embracing the idea of pumping up workers’ paychecks.

With the city of Los Angeles set to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020, much of the drama surrounding the pay increase will now shift to nearby municipalities. Los Angeles County and several surrounding cities are already debating a hike, with supporters touting the benefits to workers and communities even as opponents predict major job losses and business flight.

The public conversation around lifting the minimum wage is both familiar and distressing. We have come to accept a narrative that pits the interests of low-wage workers and their families against those of business and the economic climate.

But what if this narrative is more myth than fact? What if there were actually a convergence between the interests of workers at the bottom of the economic ladder and businesses?

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