St. Louis Activist tries to Beat Back Fright to Work in Missouri

By Sam Machado

For the sake of common decency, let’s hope there’s a way to stop the fiend that is Fright to work legislation at the state and federal level. As supporters of organized labor have discovered, beating back this monster is going to take tons of courage and confidence, something that union members have always possessed in great supply.

In Missouri, someone has even managed to keep the evil at bay: David Cook who serves on the executive council of We are Missouri, a coalition of Missouri citizens dedicated to blocking the passage of right to work into state law. Cook also co-founded the group Preserve Middle Class Missouri which also seeks to take a wrecking ball to right to work. Cook has helped put a people’s veto referendum on right to work on the November 2018 ballot.

Here’s more from the People’s World’s story which lays out the prospect of a “nightmare nation” under right to work:

“Cook was instrumental in developing a message that could unite different unions with sometimes divergent interests. Operating Engineers, the UFCW, Building Trades workers, and Carpenters, for example, often have disagreements over other issues like jurisdiction and prevailing wages. But ever since the first day they started meeting together, he said, “We have only talked about right to work. Now we have a partnership between PMCA, AFL-CIO, and the Carpenters. If we can get our crap together and stop fighting among ourselves, then the messaging is easy.”

And what is the message? “Who wants to work for less money? Nobody. Who deserves to work for less money? Nobody.” Then, catching himself, Cook said, “Except maybe those people on Wall Street.”

To read the full story, click here.

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