Starbucks Announces It’s Closing Portland Store That Voted To Unionize

Starbucks is closing yet another store that voted yes to unionizing.

ABC affiliate, WMTW, reports:

“Less than a month after its employees voted to unionize, Starbucks announced on Tuesday that it will close its location at the corner of Exchange and Middle streets in Portland’s Old Port will close.

In a statement to WMTW, Starbucks did not mention unionization.

‘We routinely review the partner and customer experience in all our stores, to see if the store is thriving, partners are feeling supported, and that we are meeting customer needs,’ Starbucks said in the statement.

Starbucks claims the Middle Street location no longer meets the company’s needs.

The closure was announced first by Starbucks Workers United Maine The group represents the Portland workers and Starbucks employees at a shop in Biddeford who voted to unionize in July.”

For the rest of the story, visit WMTW here.

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