Starbucks Fires Union Organizer From First Unionized Corporate Location In The US

Cassie Fleischer, one of the prominent union organizer at Starbucks, has been fired – two months after the first Starbucks went union.

She posted the following message on Facebook:

“Little did I know, yesterday was my last shift at Starbucks. I am no longer being scheduled nor am I allowed to pick up any shifts, and as of today I am effectively terminated from the company, at the first unionized corporate location in the nation.

I’ve accomplished a lot throughout my time with this job, including getting my degree, moving away from home, getting my Coffee Master apron, and learning all I could about the craft. I love this job, the partners, and am grateful for all of the connections I’ve made.

But, I got a new job, one that provides me with the 40 hours a week that I desperately need to maintain a life in Buffalo. Starbucks has always been a company that prides itself in its flexibility, and as such its allowance to be a fun second job to supplement a person’s full time job.

When I cut my availability back to reflect the new job, I was told I “no longer met the needs of business” and would face termination if I didn’t open my availability back up.

With the new job, I couldn’t, so I was told there was nowhere to go from here besides termination.

As a leader in the union’s organizing and negotiations committees, and having helped organize the strike over covid-19 safety, I know something has changed. This is not the company I signed on to in 2017, and this just further proves that we need a union in our stores. Starbucks is making a big mistake and I will be spending this newfound time supporting my partners through the union in any way I can.

Solidarity ✊🏻

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