Starbucks, It’s Time To Give Up Your Union-Busting. 28 Stores Voted Union Yes In The Past 10 Days Alone.

Look, you management guys at Starbucks gave it a shot. You spent lavish amounts of money on one of the most notorious union-busting firms. All in an effort to stop low-paid baristas from having a seat at the table.

You did your best to stop the groundswell of union activity in your stores.

And you lost. Over and over.

Each day brings more losses. You are simply wasting company money trying to stop the inevitable. Your workers want a union. They know it. The public knows it. And the NLRB knows it as it counts ballots from new elections every day.

You probably know it too but you’re letting your bias and hubris get in the way of clear thinking.

Unions won 28 elections in your stores in the past 10 days alone. Below are a list of those stores and the winning vote counts. There are now more than 50 stores that are union. More than 250 have filed for union elections.

The time has come to recognize that your “partners” – as you call employees – truly want to be partners. And they know that the only way achieve that is to be part of a union.

Augusta, GA: 26-5
Baltimore, MD: 14 to 0
Boston, MA: 7 to 0
Boston, MA: 8 to 2
Boston, MA: 10 to 1
Boston, MA: 5 to 0
Boone, NC: 33 to 2
Brooklyn, NY: 17 to 0
Cary, IL: 17 to 4
Eugene, OR: 17 to 0
Eugene, OR: 10 to 1
Eugene, OR: 19 to 0
Eugene, OR: 12-1
Falls Church, VA: 30 to 2
Farmville, VA: 12 to 3
Hamilton, NJ: 8 to 3
Hopewell, NJ: 15 to 0
Leesburg, VA: 24 to 1
Louisville, CO: 12 to 2
Massapequa, NY: 19 to 8
New York, NY: 11 to 2
Oak Creek, WI: 15 to 8
Olympia, WA: 19 to 2
Peoria, IL: 9 to 2
St. Paul, MN: 14 to 1
Seattle, WA: 11 to 1
Summit, NJ: 7 to 3
Tallahassee, FL: 16 to 1

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