Starbucks Has Fired Over A Dozen Workers For Organizing, Labor Union Says

The union-busting management of Starbucks has no problem firing workers for organizing, says a labor union representing the company’s workers.

WIVB 4 reports:

“Half of the Starbucks stores in the Buffalo region are unionized, but there remains a long road ahead before members of Workers United and the coffee giant ratify any labor contracts.

Right now, the attention is on the National Labor Relations Board Region 3 Office that covers Buffalo, which has filed for injunctive relief in federal court that seeks a cease-and-desist order against Starbucks to stop unfair labor practices.

The NLRB also accused Starbucks of failing to bargain in good faith with the union. As a result, the NLRB wants seven employees reinstated and an interim bargaining order that would allow members of stores that have not voted yet to begin contract negotiations with Starbucks.

In addition to the federal action, the NLRB Buffalo Office has 70 active charges that union members have filed against the coffee giant, such as allegations of retaliatory firings, threatening workers, and enforcing work rules with a heavier hand at unionized stores.

And Starbucks has filed 22 of its own complaints against Workers United, pointing the finger at the union for failing to bargain in good faith. Starbucks said union members recorded contract meetings and posted sessions online, which the NLRB prohibits.

Since the first store unionized in Buffalo late last year, Workers United said 15 of its members have been fired in retaliation for supporting the union.”

For the rest of the story, visit WIVB 4 here.

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