Starbucks To Transgender Employees: Unionizing Could Cost You Your Trans-Inclusive Health Benefits

Allegations of union-busting and threats by Starbucks are growing louder as the company appears to be targeting transgender employees now.

Bloomberg reports:

Starbucks Corp. managers in several states have told baristas that its vaunted transgender-inclusive health-care benefits could go away if they unionize, employees alleged in interviews and a new complaint filed with the US labor board.

‘I think the company realizes that we as trans partners feel particularly vulnerable at this time,’ said Oklahoma Starbucks employee Neha Cremin. ‘I think that in some cases they are willing to take advantage of that.’

In a Monday filing with the National Labor Relations Board, the union Workers United accused the coffee chain of “threatening employees with loss of benefits” including ‘loss of gender-affirming health care for transgender employees’ at Cremin’s store. The union, which has prevailed in votes at over 100 of the coffee chain’s 9,000 US corporate-run restaurants since securing an initial landmark victory in New York last December, alleges that Starbucks was trying to coerce employees not to exercise their organizing rights.

Cremin said her manager recently told her in a one-on-one meeting that she wasn’t anti-union, but, ‘Just know that if you unionize, when you are negotiating your benefits, you could gain, you could lose, or you could stay the same.’ The manager then said, ‘I know specifically, you have used the trans health-care benefits.’ The message, said Cremin, struck her as a ‘veiled threat.'”

For the rest of the story, visit Bloomberg here.

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