Staten Island Amazon ends Day 1 of vote count: 1,518 union to 1,154 non-union votes.

Third update from Lauren Kaori Gurley: “Vote count complete for today. Union leading by huge margin, 1518-to-1154 Big smiles on faces of organizers and lots of phone calls. Count resumes at 9:30am tomorrow. Probably a few more hours till it’s over. I’ll be back here with updates.”

Second update from Lauren Kaori Gurley: “The union’s lead is widening. Union leads Amazon 1100-to-824. Very few challenged ballots. Likely no result today. Lots more ballots to count.”

Original article earlier today (before the second and third updates):

It’s a big day for Amazon workers. Vote counting is going on in union elections at facilities in Staten Island, NY and Bessemer, AL.

Lauren Kaori Gurley of Motherboard and Vice tweeted the latest on the vote: “UPDATE: 213-150 union leading Amazon in Staten Island. Looks like the union’s lead will hold.”

If the lead does hold, it would make the Staten Island facility the first in the US to go union and (hopefully) give a boost to union efforts at other Amazon locations throughout the country.

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