States That Voted For Trump To Lose Billions From Border Wall Emergency Declaration

The money for a wall has to come from somewhere – and that somewhere are the states, including the ones that voted for Trump. reports:

“President Trump’s emergency declaration to build a border wall puts up to $6 billion in federal funding at risk for the states, the District of Columbia and two U.S. territories.

After failing to get the money from Congress and shutting down the government over the dispute, the administration declared a national immigration emergency so that it could cobble together the funds for the $8 billion wall from defense accounts that provide billions in military construction and National Guard funding to the states . . .

Specifically, Trump is asserting his power to tap three pots of money for his border wall: $600 million from a Treasury Department asset forfeiture fund for law enforcement priorities, $2.5 billion from a military anti-drug account and $3.6 billion in military construction funds.”

Below is a list of the costs to the states to fund Trump’s wall. The red state of Missouri is set to lose almost $300 million alone from planned military construction projects.

For the entire story, visit here.

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