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The Best Union Summer Skin Products, Brought to you by The United Steel Workers & The United Commercial Food Workers, in Conjunction with the Sun

By Melissa Bobrowicz
Attention all beauty enthusiasts: Summer 2013 has officially begun!

Here in Los Angeles, we are lucky enough to get enough sunlight year-round to make the rest of the world jealous, but as Angelenos, perfecting the art of “summer skin” is a pretty serious business (literally, as well as figuratively!)   When summer begins, it seems as if everyone starts to glow.

I’m going to tell you a Valley Girl secret: It’s not just the Sun that gives everyone that bronzed look!  Many people are not aware that some of the highest quality skin care products on the market are proudly, though quietly, produced by an unsuspecting American union – The United Steelworkers!

Before purchasing unfamiliar skin products, the savviest of skin product enthusiasts will find communities online comprised of passionate beauty product connoisseurs – strictly concerned with discussing, rating, and describing product quality.  As an LA girl obsessed with all things relating to the art of tanning, this Labor 411 post will introduce what beauty critics have consistently ranked as some of the highest quality skin products currently produced. In no particular order, I present to you the crème de la crème of union-made summer skin products.

bain de soleilAttitude #1: I don’t burn, I tan, therefore Bain De Soleil.

There are 3 types of attitudes towards tanning, as far as I am concerned.  First, for those lucky enough to not sunburn easily – usually those with already olive complexions – are constantly on their quest towards seeking their deep, annual tan.  To them, sunbathing is a summer sport. (I’ll admit, I definitely fall in this category of sunbather.)  However, please note, with an SPF of 4, this product is for the serious sunbather, who rarely burns.

This product, Bain de Soleil, has quite the repertoire. Before its affiliation with Coppertone, fashion rumour has it that this French brand was created with a low SPF specifically to emulate Coco Chanel’s trendy tan during the 1920s. Who knew the USW produced such chic products! This is definitely on my summer “must-have” list.

Attitude #2: I will burn, and I don’t care to tan, but I love that sun-kissed look, therefore Caress Glowing Touch Body Bar/Body Wash.

Manufactured by UFCW, Caress Glowing Body Wash is the safe and healthy way to achieve a glowingly beautiful look that tends to flatter women with beautifully fair complexions. In a way, this is the best way to achieve a supple, sheen-like glow, without even having to step outside. Caress has always been a personal favorite of women who appreciate its distinctive and beautiful fragrance. If you appreciate the healthy glow of richly moisturized skin, with a just a hint of glimmer, this is the perfect body wash for you. I find that it enhances tans after lying out. It’s just some of the best moisturizing body wash one can use, and any sun chaser will tell you, keeping a tan is half the battle.

coppertone 70sAttitude #3: I love the sun, and I love great sunblock, therefore Coppertone it is!

(Photo: Vintage Coppertone Ad from the 1970s) >>>>

Coppertone, the classic sun block from your youth, is still considered one of the best, if not the best sun block on the market. It is also one of the best sun tanners on the market (for those that fall under category #1, and are afraid to try an SPF of 4, there is absolutely no shame in erring on the side of caution and using an SPF of 15 – you’ll still get your tan!)

In particular, Coppertone Continuous QuickCover Lotion Spray has received consistently high reviews for its versatility as a spray, and its high end quality, perfect for everyone from finicky children at the pool, to the tanning connoisseur. Coppertone holds its name recognition for a reason – it simply is the best union made product of its kind on the market today.

Unions simply produce some of the finest products out there. We here at Labor 411 are passionate when we discover these American made, union goods are not only exemplary of the type of quality union goods exhibit, but are loyally embraced by beauty enthusiasts as well!

So remember the next time you’re sunbathing: the United Steel Workers worked just as hard on your summer tan as you did.

(And always keep in mind, a nice tan is great, but staying in the sun too long is never worth it. Don’t burn, wear sunscreen!)

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