Super Bowl 50: 5 Comparisons of Denver v. Charlotte

By Ross Lenihan

Come this Sunday, the NFL will crown a new Super Bowl champion. We’ve already documented how union the big event is, but what about the actual cities that play host to the Broncos and Panthers?

The 411 research team scoured through public data on Denver and Charlotte and created a short side-by-side comparison of some major economic and employment characteristics for each city. And don’t worry…we’re not trying to sway any team loyalties here!

Union Density (% of Employed Workers Covered by Union Contracts)9.3 % (for state of CO)4.1 % (for state of NC)
Median Household Income$51,088$46,119
Unemployment (as of November 2015)3.2%5.1%
Largest EmployerU.S. Federal Government (Union)Carolinas HealthCare System (Non-Union)
Cost of Living+15% above national average-6% below national average

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