Teachers in This State Are Walking Out Monday in Protest Over Lack of Funding for Education

By Sahid Fawaz

Teachers in Oklahoma are tired of paying for their own school supplies, among other things, and are walking in out in protest.

KFOR.com reports:

“Teachers across the state say they are planning to walk out of class on Monday after the legislature failed to pass a measure to restore education funding.

Over the past several years, budget cuts have negatively impacted numerous state agencies, including the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

‘I think it is unacceptable that we have four-day school weeks for our children. You’ve heard me say this but I have visited with major companies looking at moving jobs to our state and I’ve heard from several of them that tell me, “Governor, your state’s so poor you only fund schools for four days a week. How can I convince my employers, my businesses to want to come to your state when you won’t fund your schools? And I can’t find an educated, quality, skilled workforce if your people are uneducated in your state,”‘ Gov. Fallin said in May.

In July, Oklahoma City district leaders told NewsChannel 4 that school districts across the state are being forced to come up with their own money to pay for things like text books.

Teresa Danks, a third grade teacher in Tulsa, turned to panhandling to help raise money for school supplies.

‘It all adds up week after week, and month after month,’ she said. ‘So it’s a huge need.’

Over the past two years, officials say the budget for Oklahoma City Public Schools has been cut by over $30 million.”

For the rest of the story, visit KFOR.com.

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