The Newsom Recall Is A Battle Between Anti-Worker Republicans And A Friend Of Labor

Governor Newsom of California is one of the more polished governors that the state, and country, has ever seen. But once you get past his perfect hair, you will see a governor who has dedicated much of his time and effort to protecting workers and their families in the face of a deadly pandemic.

Some of the many things that Newsom did for workers are:

  • Signed into law the reclassification of gig economy workers from independent contractors to employees.
  • Supported and pushed for significant rent and utility bill relief.
  • Doubled the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit, primarily benefiting low-wage workers.
  • Pushed for PPE for workers early on in the pandemic.
  • Expanded childhood education pre-K for four year-olds.

Now Republicans want him out of the office. These are many of the same Republicans who have been against virtually every step of protecting workers and the public from the COVID pandemic. And none of them are friends of workers.

The leading GOP candidate, radio talk-show personality Larry Elder, remarked that “the ideal minimum wage is $0.”

These Republicans despise unions, laws that protect workers, and anyone that doesn’t give carte blanche to corporations to do as they wish.

And now they want the top elected position of the sixth largest economy in the world.

If you live in California, you owe it to yourself and the working class to go out and vote NO on this anti-union recall.

And if you’d like to do more, consider volunteering to work the phones today.

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