How We Build Our Product List at Labor 411

By Cherri Senders

We’re asked all the time, what’s the criterion for getting listed in Labor 411? 

It’s simple: Jobs. More specifically, good middle class jobs here in America. 

Any company that creates jobs that value its workers and has a collective bargaining agreement covering some of its workforce — whether it’s Tootsie Rolls or the W Hotel in Hollywood — gets listed in Labor 411.

How We Verify our Lists

That’s a bit more complicated, but we’re proud of our 4-point research methodology that we’ve developed under our newly restructured research department. 

Here is what we look at before add an item to our directory:

1. Government databases – Labor 411 researchers scour over 200,000 government records, cross indexing 4 different government databases that house information on collective bargaining agreements, including the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services (F-7 notices), the Office of Labor-Management Standards (for contracts covering 1,000 or more workers), the National Mediation Board (railroads & airlines), and Security and Exchange Commission filings.

2. International and Local Union databases – We cross index that information with listings on our International and local web sites, when available. Plus we reach out to our unions each year to send us lists of their contracts and products they produce.

3. Media reports – We comb the Internet, looking for local and national news reports on labor and contract disputes. This coverage is often helpful in identifying locals and the history of companies in the community, sometimes aggregating information from various sources.

4. Phone calls and emails – Lots of them. To the unions, to the companies, to the Internationals asking them to verify our listings. Every year, our researchers log over 1,000 phone calls and emails to ensure the accuracy of our information.

While Labor 411 makes every effort to verify that the companies and products we list remain in good standing, we always appreciate any information to update our current data. Please contact us at

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