These Four Obscenely Paid CEOs Should Be Stocking Shelves On Thanksgiving Day

Companies like Kohl’s, Walmart, and Target are open this Thanksgiving Day – a day traditionally reserved for workers to spend with family and friends.

But some retail chains can’t pass up any opportunity to make an extra dollar, despite the burden on low-wage retail workers. Target has even gone so far with this that its workers will have a mere six hour break before the chain’s stores re-open for Black Friday.

Since these companies’ executive leadership think that it’s perfectly fine for employees to work the stores on Thanksgiving Day, I would like to see them leave their mansions and yachts and, instead, stock shelves that day.

Here are a few CEOs that I have in mind:

Doug McMillon

CEO of Walmart

His pay is 1,188 times the median pay of Walmart employees


Michelle Gass

CEO of Kohl’s

Her pay is 1,115 times the median pay of Kohl workers


Brian Cornell

CEO of Target

His pay is 767 times the median pay of Target workers


Jill Soltau

CEO of J.C. Penney’s

Her pay is 1,294 times the median pay of J.C. Penney’s employees

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