This Is The Video That Amazon Deleted About Its Creepy ‘Wellness Chamber’ For Employees

“Well, it’s cheaper than proper pay and conditions. Ahhh, capitalism.”

“Probably where the pee bottles will be stored.”

“How about they pay them more, give them health insurance and give them pee breaks instead?”

“Willing to bet if you use this even once company would fire you.”

These are some of the Facebook comments about the “Ama-Zen” box, er, “wellness chamber,” from Amazon.

The union-busting gazillion dollar company led a gazillionaire is apparently so in touch with their workers’ mental health that they are putting boxes in the middle of their warehouse floors for people to sit in to decompress.

But the company is apparently so out of touch with the world that they deleted a tweet with a video of the box after being ridiculed on social media. But, since the internet never forgets, there is a re-upload of the cringey, dystopian video below.


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