This Thanksgiving, Tell the Black Friday Creeps to Give Their Employees a Break

When someone says the word “Thanksgiving,” what’s the first thing that leaps to mind? Do you think: “turkey,” “holiday,” “no work,” “dinner with family,” “gorging” “football”? Or does your nimble brain skip the actual holiday part entirely and immediately go to “shopping,” “deals,” “Black Friday,” “lines,” “must get deals at all costs!”?

Demand that Workers Be Given Thanksgiving Off!

If the thought of Thanksgiving Day sends your mind blissing to the turkey day holiday, then kudos. You’ve got values. But If Thanksgiving is just an excuse to start your holiday, then perhaps you need a slight mindset tweak.

If you’re a Thanksgiving Day shopper, you’re certainly not alone. Every year, a bunch of well-known retailers open their stores in the evening on Thursday or in the middle of the night to get a jump on those hungry Black Friday shoppers. We call these retailers Black Friday Creeps because, however else they may demonstrate good employer practices, making your employees work on Thanksgiving rather than letting them enjoy the holiday with their family, friends and loved ones is a creepy thing to do.

Target, Macy, Walmart are regular BFC offenders. This year, Target has announced that it will be open on Thanksgiving from 5 pm to 1 am, after which it will close until 7 am on Black Friday. For the first time Bed Bath & Beyond is joining the fray, opening from 5 to midnight on Thanksgiving and reopening at 6 am on Black Friday.

Every holiday season, Labor 411 reports the retail turkeys who put dollars before families by being open on Thanksgiving. We also provide a list of the good guys who, fairly, keep their doors closed on Thanksgiving.

You can do your part by signing Labor 411’s petition telling the CEOs of Walmart, Target and Macy’s to have a heart and give their employees Thanksgiving off. Help us get to 100,000 signatures.

And have a happy Thanksgiving.

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