Three Companies That Serve Delicious Food Along with Good Wages and Benefits

by Sahid Fawaz

If you are looking for a reason to cheat on your diet, we’ve got three delicious ones below! Bucking the trend among many chains of paying low wages and no benefits, these three companies are all about making their employees feel valued and giving them fair pay for the work that they do. So the next time you’re craving a good burger or some ice cream, make sure to check these brands out first and help support good jobs.

1. In-N-Out

Starting pay: $10.50 an hour. Benefits include health insurance for full-time employees as well as a 401(k) plan.


2. Ben & Jerry’s

Starting pay: $15.97 an hour. Perks include paid family leave, health club membership, dogs in the office, and three pints of ice cream every day.


3. Shake Shack

Starting pay: $10 an hour in New York, $9.50 at the rest of its stores. Full time workers are eligible for health benefits and a 401k.


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